Install an open-source Openize.Cells to open and manipulate MS Excel spreadsheets. This spreadsheet automation software offers user friendly features.



Following the remarkable introduction of Openize.Words, we are excited to showcase Openize.Cells for .NET. This open-source C# API empowers .NET developers to programmatically open, manipulate and enhance MS Excel Spreadsheets with unparalleled ease. Regardless of your skill level, incorporating Openize.Cells into your .NET applications is a breeze. Recognizing the critical role MS Excel plays in the business ecosystem, this blog post is dedicated to navigating the process of opening existing MS Excel spreadsheets using C# while highlighting the robust features of Openize.Cells for .NET.

We will cover the following sections:

MS Excel Spreadsheet Management – Open Source API Integration

Installing this open-source API is straightforward, ensuring a smooth incorporation into your .NET application. Openize.Cells library, known for its lightweight yet powerful architecture, facilitates efficient interaction with MS Excel spreadsheets. You can easily integrate this spreadsheet automation tool into your project by acquiring its NuGet Package or running the following command in the NuGet Package Manager:

Install-Package Openize.Cells

How to Open an Existing Spreadsheet Programmatically

With Openize.Cells successfully integrated, we’re set to demonstrate the process of opening an existing MS Excel spreadsheet using C#. Follow these steps to access and interact with your spreadsheet:

  • Instantiate a Workbook class instance by providing the path to an existing spreadsheet.
  • Access the [Worksheet] within the Workbook.
  • Insert Text into the Cell within the Worksheet.
  • Utilize the Save method to save the the MS Excel Spreadsheet/Workbook on disk.

Copy and paste the following code snippet into your main file and run the program.


This guide has walked you through the process of opening and interacting with existing MS Excel Spreadsheet/Workbook using the open-source Openize.Cells in C#. This open-source and smart library simplifies spreadsheet automation, allowing for a wide range of operations to be performed programmatically. Remember, the documentation provides a wealth of additional functionalities ready for exploration.

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