Empower Your C# App with Openize.Cells for Worksheet Manipulation

How to Insert Rows in MS Excel Worksheet in C# using Openize.Cells

Expanding upon the capabilities of Openize.Cells for .NET, we delve into the realm of Excel worksheet manipulation. In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to seamlessly insert rows into MS Excel worksheets using the intuitive and smart features of Openize.Cells. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, integrating these functionalities into your C# applications will enhance your Excel automation endeavors.

Let’s embark on this journey and unlock the potential of Excel Worksheet Manipulation in C#.


Continuing our journey with the versatile Openize.Cells for .NET, we focus on empowering developers with the ability to insert rows into MS Excel worksheets. Excel worksheets serve as fundamental components of Excel workbooks, organizing data and facilitating efficient data management. With Openize.Cells, manipulating Excel worksheets becomes a streamlined process, offering developers the tools to enhance productivity and streamline workflow processes.

In this tutorial, we’ll cover the following sections:

Integrating Openize.Cells into Your C# Project

Before diving into Excel worksheet manipulation, it’s essential to integrate Openize.Cells into your C# project. Follow these simple steps to seamlessly incorporate this powerful library:

  • Install the Openize.Cells NuGet Package using the NuGet Package Manager or run the following command in the Package Manager Console:
Install-Package Openize.Cells
  • Ensure the successful installation of the package within your project.

Now that we’ve integrated Openize.Cells into our project, let’s proceed to explore how to insert rows into Excel worksheets.

How to Insert Rows into MS Excel Worksheet in C# using Openize.Cells

With Openize.Cells seamlessly integrated, inserting rows into Excel worksheets becomes a straightforward process. Follow these steps to insert rows into an Excel worksheet using C#:

  • Instantiate a Workbook object by providing the path to the Excel Workbook.
  • Access the desired Worksheet within the Workbook.
  • Define the starting row index and the number of rows to insert.
  • Utilize the InsertRows method to insert rows at the specified index.
  • Optionally, populate the inserted rows with data.
  • Utilize the Save method to save the the MS Excel Spreadsheet/Workbook on disk.

Below is a code snippet demonstrating the insertion of rows into an Excel worksheet:

Feel free to customize the code snippet according to your specific requirements.


This tutorial has equipped you with the knowledge to insert rows into Excel worksheets using Openize.Cells in C#. By leveraging the capabilities of Openize.Cells, developers can streamline Excel automation tasks, enhance data management processes, and boost productivity. Remember to explore the comprehensive documentation for additional functionalities and insights.

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